According to Digitimes, Foxlink is making micro-projectors for future Apple (,Samsung and Nokia) products:

International brand vendors, including Nokia, Samsung Electronics and Apple, reportedly all plan to launch handsets with built-in micro projectors by the end of this year, indicated the sources, adding that Foxlink is likely to benefit from the emerging trend due to its strong business relationships with Nokia and Apple.

Although the site doesn’t specify whether the parts will go in to Apple’s Mac or iPod/iPhone line, the inclusion of Nokia seems to indicate they are products for mobile phones.  Therefore, one could speculate that these devices will be built into Apple’s iPhone/iPod touch line. 

On the other hand, adding bulk to the svelt iPhone/iPod touch line for something that people wouldn’t use that frequently doesn’t seem very Apple-like.   Perhaps these are headed to MacBooks or tablets?

Doing a little digging, we discovered a subsidiary of Foxlink called Glory Science Co. develops their micro-projector lenses.  They don’t have any juicy specs unfortunately for us to pore over.

 We did, however find a great example of this technology in the video below:


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