You know how this works.  Case manufacturers "sometimes" get information on upcoming iPod Touch information before the rest of the universe so they can have their products ready at launch.  In the past, they’ve leaked important information and Steve Jobs even cited them as a leak issue during a keynote.  They have also been wildly inaccurate in the past as well (iPhone nano anyone?).

With that in mind, UXSight has the following image for us to enjoy:

Notice the space for a camera in a different area as the iPhone’s?  HardMac speculated in May that the new line of iPod and iPod touches would have cameras  iLounge then posted mockups of iPod’s with cameras, saying their source had described the somewhat unorthodox location in the iPod Nano and iPhone-like iPod touch.  While the camera is pretty much a gimme at this point for me, I’m interested in the "3G" name.  Does that mean the new iPod will have a 3G radios in them or does it simply imply that this is the third generation device?  I can only hope for the former.

Other case manufacturers have joined in.  See Below:

From iPhonegraphy


From Deal Extreme:

And the iPod Nano from Deal Extreme as well:


via MacRumors

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