Pinch Media tracks apps usage by iPods and iPhones.  In their data, they collect the model number of the iPod/iPhone being used and have been seeing more and more iPod touch 3,1’s running around.  This is what they had to say on the matter:

  • the first time an application using Pinch Analytics was run by a ‘iPod3,1′ device occurred in late April 2009;
  • applications using Pinch Analytics were run by ‘iPod 3,1′ devices very infrequently until late May 2009, when the pace picked up slightly;
  • As of this date, a few dozen distinct ‘iPod 3,1′ devices have run around two dozen different applications using Pinch Analytics;
  • The applications being run on ‘iPod 3,1′ devices have all been the larger, more popular applications using Pinch Analytics, with hundreds of thousands to millions of unique users– other than their size, the applications have little else in common.

Our biggest question at this point is on the quality of the camera.  Will it be as good as the current iPhone 3GS, or will it be a better, 5 megapixel CMOS sensor with a nice lens?  The placement of the camera to the center of the device would indicate that it is a different animal.



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