According to the WSJ, the Korean government has asked, and Apple has agreed, to recall some iPod nanos that might overheat.  The recall request was based on four complaints since Dec 2008 of the original iPod Nano.  Three of the complaints were due to battery meltdowns during recharging.  There are no details of the recall yet provided.

SEOUL (Dow Jones)–A South Korean government agency said Thursday that it has requested Apple Inc.’s Korea unit to recall some of its iPod nano music players on concerns that batteries in the device may overheat. In a statement, the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards said it had alerted the problems on June 25 to Apple Korea and suggested a voluntary recall in order to alleviate consumers’ concerns. "On July 7th, Apple sent a letter saying it will accept the recommendation made by the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards," the agency said. Apple spokeswoman Jill Tan declined to comment. The agency said that it received four complaints since December 2008 by users of the MP3 players, while three of those cases were related to battery meltdowns during the recharging process. 

Apple uses similar parts globally so one has to wonder if this will spread into an even larger recall.

Also, a recall based on four complaints for a whole country?  That seems a little bit rash to us.  But good on Apple for knocking that out.

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