If you head over to Surfin Safari, Webkit’s blog of new features, you’ll find some neat new HTML5 3-D tricks that Safari 4 (including the latest Webkit builds and Mobile Safari on the iPhone) can do without breaking a CPU sweat.  We had our doubts (and still do to a degree) but this is the kind of animation that makes Flash seem a little less … "necessary". 

In a non-scientific test, running Morphing Power Cubes, the browser used 5% of the CPU.  Flash usually starts at around 30% just to be activated.  These examples also run incredibly smooth on the iPhone and iPod touch. 

Other interesting examples (Make sure you are using a recent Webkit build or Safari in Snow Leopard): Poster Circle, Perspective, Transform Style…and our favorite: Morphing Power Cubes


 Here’s another fun oneChromeExperiments hosts many more (thanks commenter).

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