Games are the most popular applications sold through the App Store, fresh research claims, dominating Apple’s sales lists and proving the company has become a games industry force at long last.

July’s Distimo report contrasts both the Apple and Android smartphone application markets. They reflect the popularity of games on the iPhone platform (though we shouldn’t ignore the contrast may be specious, as the iPhone platform also includes the iPod touch, which is more widely used as an entertainment, rather than communication, device).

Curiously, ten of the top 15 paid apps sold through the App Store are games, with utlities occupying three spots at the top.

The new findings in this report are:
– A negative trend can be identified in the total price of the Overall Top 100 for the Apple App Store. This however was influenced by the turn-by-turn navigation apps MobileNavigator Europe and MobileNavigator America, which were both published by NAVIGON AG. Turn-by-turn navigation apps are still popular.

– Pricing of applications in the Apple App Store and Android Market is quite similar, except for the Reference category which has a much higher average price on Google Android Market.

– The most popular games on Android Market cost between $0.99 and $5.95, with most going for $2.99, while for the Apple App store, most are priced very low ($0.99), and a few higher at $6.99- $9.99

– Games are still the most popular applications in the Apple App Store, with slightly more apps in the monthly paid Top 15 than in the free Top 15.

– Classic games on Android Market are more popular than in the Apple App Store, with even 3 out of the 15 most popular games for Android being emulators. These types of emulators are not allowed in the Apple App Store.

– Tools are very popular paid apps for Android, with 7 apps from the application category bvery different, there are no productivity/utilities apps for Apple in the overall Top 15.

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