China Unicom this morning denied earlier reports it has purchased five million iPhone’s at a cost of near $1.5 billion.

The China Business News claimed Apple had reached a deal with China Unicom to sell the iPhones, now, once again, China Unicom denies a deal is on the table.

“Talks between us and Apple have been going on for some time, but no agreement has been reached yet," said Unicom spokesman Yi Difei as reported by The Street. "There are all kinds of possibilities.There is no particular timetable for the talks."

The previous report, he said, “is not true”.

Despite a recent visit to China Unicom by a high-level team led by Apple’s Greg Joswiak, Apple spokeswoman in Beijing, Tiffany Yang, said she had no information about an iPhone agreement in China.

It now seems it’s going to be a while until Apple and China Unicom break this deadlock, understood to involve revenue sharing agreements and an understanding of who will run the App Store in the country. Despite this, a deal with China Unicom has been an on/off expectation for months.

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