We’re not sure what kind of processors are going into the new Blackberries, but they are going to have to be pretty burly to handle the new technologies being thrown at it.  BGR this morning has the news that future versions of the Blackberry browser (based on the same Webkit framework as Mobile Safari, and Android’s Chrome browser) will have FULL Flash support and Full Silverlight capabilities.

Full Flash support, not Flash lite.  You know when the word “planning” is used in the same sentence as RIM, however, that it probably means it’s a while away. And it is. We’ve been told this won’t happen until next summer or right before it as RIM needs their devices to be more beefed up as well as have access to higher data speeds for this to work effectively (HSPA and LTE). RIM has already achieved over 10Mbps downloads on next generation BlackBerrys in the test labs with test LTE equipment so it’s looking good, folks.

Strangely, we don’t realy miss Flash on our iPhones, but have to wonder if this could be used as a differentiating factor vs. the iPhone in the future.


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