Microsoft seems scared, wooing iPhone developers to bring their WWDC-invented ideas to its Windows Mobile platform, while inventing a dual platform pitch to compete with Android and Apple.

Microsoft isn’t expected to introduce a fully updated version of Windows Mobile until next year, but will ship it the upgraded Windows Mobile 6.5 in October. But Windows Mobile partners won’t feel the magic touch – Microsoft won’t be enabling touch interfaces until a little later, in February 2010, reports Digitimes.

(Just how long is it since every other mobile maker began fielding touch? Just saying…).

Then, in typical Microsoft style, the company makes its usual attempt to confuse the market – in future, Digitimes reports, the company plans to lower the price of Windows Mobile 6.5 and keep selling it even after the late 2010 release of Windows Mobile 7.

“The dual-platform strategy will allow Microsoft to compete with Android-based platform using Windows Mobile 6.5 and also compete with iPhones leveraging Windows Mobile 7, the sources asserted.”

Right, we suspect Apple will be looking at iPhone Software 5.0 by then, so we’ll see if Microsoft’s in dev Win Mob 7 has a fighting chance around then. Looking at these figures it seems to us the company’s got some catching up to do. Perhaps it should stick with making Xboxes and mice?

In related news, Microsoft has filed an appeal against the ruling which requires it to stop selling Office or pay a developer a huge chunk of cash – $290 million.

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