Don’t expect this to show up on your iPhones anytime soon.  Real has submitted their Rhapsody subscription service app to the iPhone according to a report by GDGT.  Apple has been pretty strict on its "duplicates features of existing applications" with respect to music applications being copies of iTunes mobile.  However, with the ZuneHD coming along with a streaming subscription option, Apple *might* consider letting a subscription app hit the iPhone or even unleashing a service of their own..  

Another all-you-can-eat subscription streaming service, Spotify, is also currently in App Store Purgatory after submitting its streaming app last month.  Spotify has the advantage of being backed by the Music industry titans and having an offline cached mode – which Real says will be part of the 2.0 version.  The Real Rhapsody App will be free of charge but require a $15/ month subscription.  IF it ever hits the app store.



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