Parallels has introduced an all-in-one solution for Windows users seeing sense and making the switch to Mac, Parallels Desktop Switch to Mac Edition.

The software makes the move to Mac easy, helping PC users make the move without losing the applications and data they already have on their Windows systems. It also includes learning resources – including two hours of video tutorials – for new Mac OS X users.

Parallels Desktop Switch to Mac Edition includes Parallels Desktop 4.0 for Mac, so when a user has transferred their data they can boot up straight into Parallels Desktop to access their Windows apps and data, and learn the new platform in their own time.

Parallels has also developed a "plug and click" system that moves the entire PC (licensed operating system, applications, files and data) to the new Mac. This includes the Parallels High Speed USB Transfer Cable that connects the two machines and the Enhanced Parallels Transporter: simple, wizard-driven software that walks the user through the move in a few easy clicks.

"The growth in switching is partially due to the ease-of-use and cool capabilities of the Mac," said Serguei Beloussov, CEO of Parallels.

"However, users don’t want to lose the data they have accumulated and the applications they are already familiar with. Building on our proven track record of Mac innovation, we have addressed this concern and made learning the new operating system even simpler through interactive on-demand tutorials. These are combined with intelligent moving tools and our industry-leading Parallels Desktop for Mac, which offers the greatest performance and stability for running Windows seamlessly on Mac."

Parallels Desktop 4.0 Switch to Mac Edition is available from today at Apple stores, at and through other preferred retail partners in English, German and French. It costs $99.99.

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