Let’s not jump to any conclusions here.  We’d just like to point out that with all of the Snow Leopard coverage, no one is mentioning the new Snow Leopard soft keyboard which didn’t exist in Leopard in the same capacity.  In Leopard and before, the soft keyboard was located in the International System pref and was very small (half-sized – See below). You could make it bigger but only one size.

The new keyboard is much (finger sized) bigger and is located in an input method (keyboard) system pref.  You can now resize it as well to stretch all the way across the screen.

After playing with it for awhile, you’ll probably see that it would make a great interface for another type of device.  Instructions below…




1. Go to System Prefs/Keyboard

2. Check "Show Keyboard and character viewer in Menu bar"

3. Go to the top right menu bar and click "show keyboard viewer"

4. Pretend like you have a tablet with your trackpad.


Old soft keyboard:



Thanks Dan B.!

 Updated for clarification

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