iPhone users are happier to pay for digital content than the wider online population; while Mac users are more creative and individualistic, a pair of surveys released this morning claim.

Media law firm, Olswang, has its eye on the iPhone users which it highlights in its 2009 Convergence Survey, released today. It shows that the iPhone population is a new opportunity for media firms.

According to the research:

  • 58% of people would pay to access online a film just released in cinemas,
  • 52% would pay for access to a film that will not be on DVD for at least two months
  • 40% would pay to access a film which is already on DVD or pay-TV.

However, within the iPhone users demographic, those figures jump to 73%, 67% and 54% respectively.

  • 41 percent of iPhone users (as against 30 percent of the general online population) would already be willing to take out subscriptions to access their favourite TV shows.
  • 19% of iPhone users surveyed said they access on-demand TV on their handsets
  • 37% said they want to access on-demand TV on their iPhone in the future. 

The survey also shows 30% of people (42% of iPhone users) would pay for an online book; 32% (43% of iPhone users) would pay for an extract from a travel guide; and 29% (38%) would pay for a magazine.

Olswang surveyed over 1,000 adults and over 500 13-to-17-year-olds about their digital habits. John Enser, partner in its media, communications and technology team, said,

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