While we wait patiently for an Apple multi-touch tablet device of some sort, the industry keeps moving along.  The JooJoo didn’t really impress us initially but after seeing some more glowing reviews, we’re warming up to the idea. 

On the monitor front, Dell has introduced a pretty impressive piece of equipment this month.  Their new 22-inch (iMac-size/rez) optical touch screen monitor seems to be turning heads.  It features full 1080P resolution and built-in video camera like their cheaper products.  However the $469 product also offers a full screen multi-touch experience that allows Windows 7 users to do a lot of the things that Apple has touted for multi-touch on Macs.

HP has had lackluster results on its Touch-smart line of laptops and all-in-one products.  Will Dell fare the same?  Is the optical multi-touch (using mini cameras) as accurate as capacitive multi-touch?

Would something like this be of interest to Apple users?  Troll Touch offers a single touch display option for iMacs.  We’re kinda thinking our arms would get tired after a couple of hours of pinching and zooming on a desktop display.


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