Facebook users (and really who isn’t any more?) can now add their Facebook chat to any Jabber client, including iChat according to a Facebook blog post Wednesday morning.  Jabber (XMPP) is the open source instant messaging protocol that is also used by Google Talk and other chat servers including one built into Apple’s OSX Server.

Facebook posts instructions for adding your Facebook to and Jabber chat client (including iChat pasted below).

Clearly, many will view this as a mixed blessing, as Facebook is already a pretty monumental time waster, and this will only intensify that by bringing those high school acquaintances into your everyday life.  For Adium users, this won’t be entirely new either.  You’ve been able to add your Facebook friends to Adium for over a year now.

It also is another sign of the yourname@Facebook.com email Armageddon to come. 

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