Apple is abandoning its plans for TV subscriptions (for now) but may have some $.99 television shows for the iPad’s launch according to an updated report by the Wall Street Journal.

Apple has narrowed the device’s scope. It has put on hold its idea to offer TV subscriptions that would be viewable through the iPad, because few media companies were interested. Instead, Apple is discussing dropping the price of TV shows to 99 cents from the $1.99 and $2.99 charged for most shows on its iTunes store, said people familiar with the situation. Apple hasn’t yet reached a deal with many major TV producers on the price cut, these people said.

The WSJ reports that although most eBooks will be ready at launch, Magazines and TV are a harder nut to crack…

People familiar with the matter have said Apple is trying to allay concerns by arguing that lower pricing on iTunes could help create a new market. These people said they still believe Apple may reach deals with some to offer 99-cent shows by the time the iPad ships. It’s also possible TV companies could offer access to their shows on the iPad through applications that would stream the videos, rather than selling them through iTunes. But streaming is often limited by a tangle of licenses between producers and TV networks. The iPad platform could also pose technical hurdles.

Which leads to everyone’s favorite topic: Adobe’s Flash:

Some publishers and TV executives are concerned the iPad doesn’t support Adobe Systems Inc.’s Flash video technology, which many publishers use to showcase their multimedia content and is also an underlying technology of online ads.

I’m sure no one will take issue with that last statement.

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