As Computerworld notes, Apple changed the terms of its return policy today in releasing its iPhone 4 memo.  You now have a month (from ship date if purchased online) to return your iPhone 4.   There is no restocking fee. 

That’s a change from the company’s normal policy, which demands a 10% restocking fee for returned iPhones. According to the company’s Web site, Apple typically charges $19.90 for a returned 16GB iPhone 4 model, and $29.90 for a 32GB device.

Computerworld attributes the dropped restocking fee to a defense against some of the forthcoming lawsuits over the iPhone 4 antenna issues.  Some of the people suing are claiming the restocking fee as losses and hope to move the suit to class action status.

Do you think this change in policy will have people going on 30 day ‘iPhone vacations’ and returning them right before the return policy is over?

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