BGR reports that FaceTime will make its way to the iPod touch and iPad, and how it will work. Since the iPad and iPod touch technically do not have phone numbers, Apple needed to come up with another method. The concept they came up with is actually quite simple, the Apple ID. 

You first register your Apple ID/e-mail with your device, get the confirmation e-mail, and you’re ready to go. This is demonstrated in the image below:

Supposedly, when a user sends a FaceTime request to an iPod touch or iPad, they would receive it via Push Notification, and could accept or decline it using that system. FaceTime users on non-phone devices would send FaceTime requests via the built-in Contacts application. This does seem pretty straight forward, but Apple’s iOS 4.1 beta release from yesterday makes it even simpler with FaceTime favorites in the phone app. This coupled with the FaceTime call option for individual contacts would allow you to simply have contacts for FaceTime on iPod touches and iPads.

Another shot after the break:

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