The now famous Jonathan Mann, the iPhone 4 antenna song guy, is known to post a new song each day from a range of topics.  Today’s special? A love song for Steve Jobs. 

I’m sure that won’t get made fun of.

Also, if this guy looks familiar he  won the Bing jingle contest last year with this:

We talked to the Mann behind the videos (had to) and this is what he had to say:


“As for asking permission, I got a call pretty soon after I woke up yesterday. It was pretty simple, they called and asked and I said, um, yes!
So, I talked to Apple a little after the show, they thanked me and I thanked them. I forget the name of the guy…I think he was in PR. He probably called yesterday around 3 or so. As for compensation, the increased interest in my music, etc, seems like a lot to me… I don’t really feel the need to ask for anything more! If that makes any sense.”


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