Amazon has just announced their brand new Kindle, and it’s just called the Kindle. It’s 21% smaller, 15% lighter, 20% faster and still boasts that black and white e-ink display we all know and love. Amazon’s getting really colorful here adding a graphite-colored model to the mix; the classic white from past generations still stands strong.  

The new eBook reading device maxes out at 4 GB of storage, and keeps the 6 inch display. The Kindle comes in two configurations, a WiFi-only model for $139 and version for $189 that rocks AT&T’s 3G network. The most incredible part is the insane battery life which provides a month of usage sans and 10 days with the wireless.

The new Kindle also is getting an “experimental” web browser. Now you can browse on that 6 inch e-ink display; take that Apple! The controls and keyboard are also reportedly improved and hey… it’s a physical keyboard. 

via Engadget

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