It is always sad to report news like this, but it appears that a 22-year old female Foxconn worker is confirmed to have passed away yesterday. The worker apparently “fell from a dormitory.” It is yet to be confirmed whether this is a suicide or not, but Foxconn went on record to say the previous (and this one) deaths were “not work related.” 13 Foxconn workers have committed suicide so far and this is yet another sad piece of the story. 

What may intrigue some readers is the specific factory of which this worker comes from. She supposedly worked in the packaging department of the Kunshan factory in Jiangsu, China. Kunshan is known to some as the iPod touch factory as they are known to be packaged and initially shipped from there. There is no evidence that the worker worked with Apple’s product lines or not, and in respect for the worker and her family, we don’t feel it would be right to speculate. 

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