DVICE claims they have exclusive legit details of the upcoming Verizon (unicorn) iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 supposedly will gain a 1.2 GHz next-gen A4 chip, a larger 3.7 inch retina display, an all new internal antenna, all in a more durable design. To be honest that just sounds like the probable iPhone 5 launching in June 2011, but okay. We have a really difficult time believing this so were just posting it in case it’s real and for reader interest. 

This must be the most unrealistic Verizon iPhone rumor yet, but it still seems plausible that there will be an iPhone 4 launching on Verizon in January that has identical specifications to the current AT&T model. Another possibility, if this is all true, is that the probably iPhone 5 launching in June ’11 will be the first Verizon iPhone (AT&T model too) and will carry the rumored features. 

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