iLounge has published some last minute information on the iPod touch ahead of today’s Apple Event.  They believe these bits of information to be correct (and we must say it helps to be partnered with case manufacturers!):

  • The Sleep/Wake button has shifted from the top left of the device over to the top right, mimicing its placement on the iPhone family.
  • The camera is below the Sleep/Wake button, with a microphone pinhole off to its right.
  • Volume buttons appear to be separate from one another rather than one piece, but stay in the same general position as in the second- and third-generation iPod touch models, as do the Dock Connector port and headphone port on bottom.
  • It is slightly thinner than the second- and third-generation iPod touch. The rear casing has corner and side radiuses that are, as we previously noted, MacBook Pro lid-like, and the center does not bulge, so it can rest flat on a table like the first-generation iPod touch. What used to be a soft curve of the rear shell that wrapped around to surround the front glass is gone.

Perhaps most interestingly, they have some more sketchy information.    Specifically, the iPod 4 will take on the iPhone as a mobile VoIP device and might even contain a 3G radio, thereby eating the lunch of the carriers’ voice plans.  That would be a helluva one more thing!

(note images above are photoshopped)

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