When looking at the video above (@15 seconds – for Flashless), it seems that the iPod touch 4th generation screen doesn’t have the same wide angle viewing as the iPhone 4 next to it.  This could just be our eyes playing tricks on us (or even the camera) but Apple isn’t clear in the iPod touch literature that the screen is indeed IPS.

Here’s a still.  Compare the blacks and the whites at an angle:

Also, Apple could  have the screen settings set differently in these display iPod touches.

Here’s the scary: In Apple’s all-consuming quest to become just a little bit thinner and keep the fat margins, did they not only sacrifice the still camera (.7Megapixel?!) but also skimp on the screen?  Thanks reader Alex!

Screen specs for iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4 below.  Strange that they aren’t just carbon copies of each other.

As a lark, we’ve reached out to Apple for comment. LOL

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