Nokia is hosting its annual event Nokia World this week, and company VP Markets, Niklas Savander has used the event to diss competitors, including iPhone maker, Apple.

Pointing out that Nokia remains the market leader, Savander said , “On average, people buy 260,000 Nokia smartphones every day,” Savander insisted. “That’s 260,000 new smartphones – we didn’t add software updates, or sales of music players and computers to that number.”

He even grew a little personal, saying Nokia phones, “perform day-in, day-out, no matter how you hold them”.

Savander played a short video clip of Apple’s Scott Forstall, senior VP iOS software, in which the latter talked about how the iPhone was all about “connecting people”. He criticised Forstall for taking Nokia’s brand slogan and making it a feel-good tagline.

“Even at the high-end, offering people just one model will lead to compromises, whether it’s compromises with the camera, the browser, the keyboard, or the phone itself”.

“We’re Nokia. Our market is the world, and when it comes to our customers we know that just one device will not satisfy all of them.”

Ending his presentation, he said, “Today is about three words. Nokia is back.”

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