Update: Barron’s reports that Cook said this was BS over coffee this morning.

The empty desk roulette wheel at HP was sure to come around and hit Apple COO Tim Cook at some time.  Today, those rumors materialize at ZeroHedge via Business Insider.  The news dropped AAPL stock price this morning 20 points, but it subsequently rebounded.  How convenient.

The question is: Would Cook rather run HP or wait a few years and head up Apple, a bigger (more interesting) company by market cap?  (Maybe he misses Jon Rubinstein?)

Though, if HP hasn’t been making overtures to Cook, why are they taking so long to formalize the position with Todd Bradley, who seems like a shoe-in at this point?

That’s not to say Cook shouldn’t take this opportunity to renegotiate his contract. :D

Chances? We’re thinking <10%

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