When iOS 4.2 beta 2 for iPad was released we reported that tethering preferences were added to 3G iPads on certain carriers. This created speculation that Apple would be adding iPhone-like tethering to WiFi + 3G models of the iPad. Now that iPad 4.2 beta 3 has been released, we have discovered that Apple has removed the tethering settings. As you can see in the screenshot below, tethering options are no longer present under the ‘Cellular Data’ fields.

Apple removing these tethering preferences can mean a few things. The most realistic reasons include Apple deciding to scrap the feature or Apple removing the feature until iOS 4.2’s official launch in November. Another possibility is that the tethering settings from beta 2 were simply a code mixup with the iPhone and the feature is not planned for a future iPad software release. We still like to think tethering will see the light of day. Oh, and iPhone as a wireless modem for iPad please? Thanks, Anton.

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