• Apple’s Mac revenue: 1/3 of Apple’s total revenue last year, which would equate to $22 billion — on Mac sales alone, Apple would be number 110 on the Fortune 500. Cook jokes the company doesn’t plan to spin-off the Mac division.
  • 2.5x market 18 quarters in a row.  Mac has outgrown PC’s for 18 quarters in a row, that’s 4.5 years.
  • NPD 20.7% of US Retail market
  • 50 million Mac users around the world.
  • 600,000 registered Mac developers, growing at 30,000/month
  • Valve profiled

  • Autodesk
  • Microsoft Office 2011
  • Mac is #1 in customer satisfaction for years in PCWorld, Consumer Reports, PC Magazine
  • 75 million visitors in stores and 2.8 million macs at the
  • 318 Stores in 11 countries (new UWS Manhattan)
  • 2 stores in Paris, Covent Garden in London, Shanghai, Beijing
  • China is highest traffic for Stores
  • Apple stores sold 2.8 million Macs in the last financial year

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