Microsoft is attempting to galvanize its remaining troops in its attempt to create a little relevance for itself in the iPad industry, introducing a range of marketing products to help them remind any customers who care to listen that its Slate PCs could be contenders in the tablet space too. Even while the iPad 2.0 looms closer each day. In a series of PowerPoint slides made available via ZDnet, the company is encouraging partners to position slates and tablets running Windows 7 vs. the iPad.

All well and good, but as Apple has explained, 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies are already deploying iPads, and when no less a body than Research and Markets this morning introduced, “iPad Tips, Tricks & Apps for Accountants – Everything You Need to Know in 60-Minutes to Get the Most Out of Your iPad“, then Microsoft is playing catch-up — again.

Despite its also-ran status, Microsoft’s partner tools don’t include any details on any future OS upgrades for its devices….

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