Remember when Verizon said they’d have Mac drivers for their 4G modems in February?  *Checks watch* Right on time, Verizon updated their client access software today for its Pantech UML290.  The LG model still is Windows only.

The devices were originally delivered in December, but now I might actually try one.

There has been a workaround for awhile but below are links to the legit official version of the software

Data Devices Windows Logo Windows (Vista/XP) Windows Logo Windows 7 Mac Logo Mac (10.4.x/10.5.x) 32-bit only Mac Logo Mac (10.6.x) 32-bit only
LG VL600 7.6.3 (2642c)1,7 7.6.3 (2642c)1,7 Please check back for availability Please check back for availability
Pantech UML290 7.6.3 (2642d) 1,7 Vista SP2 7.6.3 (2642d) 1,7 7.2.4 (2534b) 7.2.4 (2534b)

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