It looks like the AC/DC luving crew over at iPadDevice figured out how to take the leaked iPad 2 FaceTime files from the iOS 4.3 beta SDK and install them onto a first generation iPad. Because the files are from the SDK, we may be looking at the new iPad’s actual FaceTime application. The interface is very similar to the one found on FaceTime for Mac.

As we previously noted, the new iPad will feature an updated FaceTime logo, that is different than the one currently found on iOS 4.2-rocking iPod touches. When a FaceTime call comes in, your iPad 2 will ring and you will get a popup alert on your lock screen, or on top of the application you are currently working on.

Back to the actual interface, the FaceTime controls (end, mute, etc.) will be found on a floating window towards to bottom of the device’s display. The current iPad 2 does not have a camera and that is the reason for the lack of a camera preview on the lock screen when a FaceTime video call comes in, and when the user is actually FaceTime chatting. You will notice the above video is in Italian, but the concept is relatively the same.

We previously reported that the iPad 2 will be feature two cameras with the front one being a 0.3 megapixel VGA (still and video recording) sensor, and the back one being a one megapixel sensor capable of shooting both pictures and 720P HD video. Although controversy is still present over the iPad 2’s display resolution, SDK evidence has pointed the same 1024 x 768 resolution for the new iPad in addition to our findings on the iPad 2’s actual screen.

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