The evidence is ever growing for a MacBook Pro refresh occurring very soon, and three new reports are helping to peg a MacBook Pro refresh for next week. First, AppleBitch notes that some of the Apple online stores for Asia are showing longer than usual shipping times. For example in Taiwan, the 13 inch MacBook Pros are shipping in 2-4 days (versus the normal 24 hours), and the 17 inch model is shipping in 3-5 days. These unusual shipping times are also occurring for certain MacBook Pros in the Hong Kong and Malaysia online stores.

Next, SlideToMac claims that the new MacBook Pros will be dropped next week. Specifically they say the new models will show up mid-next week, possibly Thursday or Friday. They also claim that have discovered official images detailing the upgrade but are not posting them. We’ll be sure to post if those images come to light. Interesting the site claims that Apple will be releasing five new models: two new 13 inch versions, two new 15 inch versions, and one new 17 inch version. This differs from Apple’s current lineup as there are three 15 inch models available.

Adding backing to SlideToMac‘s report, iSpazio is reporting that Apple will soon be dropping five versions of a refreshed MacBook Pro and they even have what they think are the official model numbers:

  • MC720
  • MC721
  • MC723
  • MC724
  • MC725

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