Watching this clip of then two-year old Bridger working an iPad effortlessly as if it was second nature to him gave me a pause. His dad Mike says that “his speech, understanding, word recognition, and even hand eye coordination have improved within just a short while.” Bridger often cracks a smile, his eyes lighting up with excitement when exploring the device. To me, this is why Apple’s winning – they own these toddlers. A new generation of kids are growing up as we speak with an iPad etched in their memory. For me and you, it was a SNES or probably old school plastic elephants, turtles and giraffes. For your kids, it’s a shiny, easy to use toy with wonderful apps that respond to touch. Check out two more videos included below.

It goes without saying that for many of the iPad-toting toddlers Apple’s iOS devices and Macs will be a natural fit as they enter childhood and teen years. It’s the Apple brainwash and it works like a charm. Apple gets them while they’re young and rivals must be pulling their hair because they’re missing out on the entire generation of kids raised on Apple’s mobile gear and computers.

Since the iPad’s inception clips of toddlers working Apple’s gorgeous piece of aluminum and glass slab have become all the rage on YouTube. It’s almost like, forget dull kitten clips, here are the iPad toddlers.

Can you imagine a 24-month old working a geeky Android slate like the Xoom or a messed up Chinese knockoff?

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