Just as MuscleNerd informed the world that the iPhone-dev Team has successfully jailbroken a developer beta of iOS 5, the team two hours ago released an updated redsn0w beta tool that lets you put unsanctioned apps on your devices running a developer preview of iOS 5. Unlockers should avoid this jailbreak as they are very likely to lose their unlockable baseband if they try to install iOS 5, the team warned. Other useful things to know…


The redsn0w beta tool is Mac-only but a Windows version will likely be developed at a later stage, MuscleNerd tweeted. Therefore, this jailbreak is only for Mac users of iOS 5 beta. It supports third- and fourth-generation iPod touch, iPad 1, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 (both CDMA and GSM version). This being a tethered jailbreak also means you’ll need to use the redsn0w tool each time you restart your device and also to use apps like Cydia and Safari.  “If you see a white icon for Cydia, or if Cydia or Safari crash when you open them, it’s because you didn’t boot tethered”, the team explained. You may also wanna take a look at this handy list of stuff that works or doesn’t work, compiled by iSpazzio.

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