Starbucks has been an Apple partner ever since Steve Jobs placed a prank call to a Seattle, Washington-based international coffee and coffeehouse chain using the Google Maps app during the original iPhone introduction back in January 2007. “I’d like to order four thousand lattes to go, please”, he joked with an operator before quipping, “Sorry, wrong number”, earning him enthusiastic applaud from the MacWorld Expo audience (see video after the break). Since then, Starbucks and Apple have been involved in a promotion offering free iTunes downloads to iPhone customers visiting their coffee shops.

Also, Starbucks released the official app, in addition to Starbucks Card Mobile, another iPhone program which lets you pay for drinks and snacks using a Starbucks Card associated with the handset. Yesterday, the two partners started a new promotion (via CNET) that allows customers to download a free iPhone app using the “Pick of the Week” cards waiting at the cash register. Just type in a code on the back of the card into the App Store app to redeem your free download of the day. Looks like they’re serious about providing real value here because the first app they’re giving away is Shazam Encore, a popular music fingerprinting app normally costing six bucks. Go past the break for a video snippet of that Steve Jobs prank call.

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