As Apple’s next-generation iPhone festivities come closer to reality, Apple appears set to discontinue their Bumper case – the controversial $30 accessory which Apple provided free of charge to users complaining about their iPhone 4 antenna connection. Some have said that $30 is a bit expensive for a piece of rubber.

As Apple transitions its iPhone line to the iPhone 5, some may not find Apple’s discontinuation of an iPhone 4 accessory surprising. But, there are the countless rumors pointing to Apple retaining the iPhone 4 design for their fifth-generation iPhone.

With Apple apparently set to discontinue the Bumper, the next iPhone may require an updated Bumper or may even feature an all new design. Of course, there is also the possibility that Apple has simply decided to discontinue the Bumper but still retain the iPhone 4 design. After all, an 8GB iPhone 4 has been rumored.

That being said, Apple is set to discontinue the 16GB and 32GB iPhone 4 – according to stock constraints of the product in major regions.

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In somewhat related news, CaseMate garnered some publicity today with its iPhone 5 cases, that resemble lots of previous cases, below:

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