Sources close to Apple’s manufacturing and supply chain (via DIGITIMES) claim Apple, along with others from the “non-Apple camp”, is prepping to produce devices that include curved glass, specifically touchscreens, in early 2012.

“…Apple reportedly also has bought glass polishing equipment for its suppliers in preparation for the production of devices fitted with curved cover glass. Lens Technology, Fuji Crystal, G-Tech are said to be major cover glass suppliers of Apple. While Lens and Fuji focus on iPhones, G-Tech supplies mainly for iPad.”

The report notes that other companies were expected to use curved cover glass in “attempts to gain a competitive edge” over Apple in the current iPhone and iPad dominated smarpthone and tablet markets. We’ve certainly heard of the company’s plans for curved glass in Apple’s retail stores and their new spaceship campus, but only heard rumors and speculation regarding possible consumer product applications.

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