In the just released beta of iOS 5.1, Apple has outed yet another new device. We recently brought you the first references to the upcoming, faster Apple TV internally dubbed 3,1, and now we have iPad 2,4 on our hands. With references to iPad 3,1 and 3,2 – likely the new iPads launching in March – having appeared months ago, we’re thinking this iPad 2,4 could be the Sprint version that Apple recently completed work on – but only if it has WiMAX.  A 3G-only Sprint iPad would be the same hardware as the Verizon iPad. Other options include an iPad for China’s TD-LTE, an early LTE model or a dual-mode device like the current iPhone 4S. The rumored March iPad 3 launch quickly approaching so we’ll know soon.

Update: iPad 3,3 found as well, shown after the break (thanks, Jack!): 

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