Spotify execs took the stage today in New York for the company’s “New Direction” event where they unveiled new features allowing third-party developers to integrate HTML5 apps into their desktop music streaming service. Starting with a handful of partners including Billboard, RollingStone, The Guardian,, and Pitchfork, the platform will allow HTML5 apps to provide services and features with music provided by Spotify. Jan Wenner of Rolling Stone explained how they would integrate Spotify content into their app. The Verge explains:

Much of what we’re seeing takes what is traditionally editorial content (i.e. playlists, reviews, concert listings), and wedding it to the Spotify music platform. For example, Jann Wenner of Rolling Stone explained that the magazine and artists will be creating and curating playlists in the company’s new app, and the music backend will be provided by Spotify… The Rolling Stone app provides an editorial mix of reviews and playlists, with full songs and albums attached to the content.

Once you install an app, it will appear in a sidebar on the left, while a new “App Finder” for the service will also make finding new and free apps comparable to browsing iTunes. The apps will only be available to desktop users at launch, but the company apparently has plans to bring them to their mobile experience in the future.

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The company also announced a selection of social-focused features including a newsfeed showing what your friends and friends of friends are listening to, adding to playlists, and sharing. The new Spotify app platform launches in beta today with a small group of initial partners.

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