Today, an Apple patent application popped up detailing a content creation and authoring tool that would allow designers to create content rich applications for various devices without programming code. While Apple’s patent covers a wide range of possible applications for the platform, it is clear to see the patent is describing the visual programming workflow introduced with iAD producer, Apple’s motion-rich ad creation platform launched in 2010.

The patent—described in detail by PatentlyApple— provided the images above and and to the right, which clearly show elements of the existing iAD platform.

Apple’s invention provides technology relating to a digital content authoring tool for amateur and professional content developers alike, without the need to understand or access any computer code. Additionally, the authoring tool is further equipped with the ability to manage digital assets and configure them for distribution and viewing on a variety of electronic devices – many of which have diverse hardware capabilities. Accordingly, the presently described technology eliminates many barriers to creating and publishing deliverable electronic content.

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