Recently launched on Kickstarter by startup Incident, the gTar is a completely digital guitar with a built-in iPhone dock that uses sensors to relay what you are playing to a specially designed iPhone app. Unlike ION’s Audio Guitar Apprentice for iPad that we showed you at CES, gTar has strings and a fretboard layout designed to feel identical to a traditional guitar. However, like ION’s product, the gTar is marketed as more of a learning tool than a replacement to your main axe and includes LED lights that show you how to play certain songs preloaded in the app. It would be nice to have a built-in speaker, but you can always go with a pair of Bluetooth headphones instead.

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gTar has 34 days to reach its $100,000 funding goal, and you will have to pledge at least $350 to get your hands on one when it ships in September. The product will eventually hit retail for $450. The company also plans to release an SDK for devs interested in building apps for the gTar. The images below are courtesy of Engadget which had great things to say about the device after recently going hands-on:

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