The iPhone includes a great built-in weather application that is easy and intuitive. However, an even simpler, more intuitive weather application for iOS is making the rounds today. It’s not an App Store app, but a free web application for iOS Safari called Sun. When saved to your home screen, it appears just like a native iOS application, and it lacks the Safari menu bars. More screenshots and details:

It’s so easy to use: it shows the weather at your current location, and you can add more locations to flick through like you flick through your different iOS home screens. The design is elegant and minimalist, and users have the ability to change the background colors for the different cities they are tracking weather for. To see a forecast for the week, a user simply pinches their fingers apart. To change settings, a user needs to pinch their fingers together.

For anyone looking for a simple, free minimalist iOS weather app, we highly recommend giving the Sun web application a try. It works in both portrait and landscape on both iPhone/iPod touch and the iPad. Another minimalist weather app worth trying out is Weather Neue on the App Store. 


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