According to a report from Reuters, South Korean regulators, the Korea Fair Trade Commission, are investigating Samsung regarding complaints from Apple that the company is “abusing its dominant position in wireless technology.” The issue at hand is whether Samsung is using its monopoly in the tech industry to demand higher licensing fees from Apple.

The FTC is investigating whether Samsung is unfairly competing in the market by abusing its dominance in wireless technology patents. Apple filed its complaints earlier this year, said an FTC official, who is not authorized to talk to the media…European Union regulators have also been investigating Samsung for possible breaches of antitrust rules by accusing rivals of infringing its technology patents.

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The probe follows Apple’s big win against Samsung in front of a U.S. jury last month, where the Cupertino, Calif.-based company was not found to infringe on Samsung products and won over a billion dollars in damages. As noted by Reuters, Samsung and Apple remain in patent disputes in over 10 countries. EU regulators are also currently investigating Samsung regarding similar antirust concerns.

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