Image credit: AllThingsD

Word is coming out of the court room that the jury in the San Jose-based Apple versus Samsung trial has reached a verdict. The result is yet to be announced, but we should find out shortly. Stay tuned to this post for more information as it develops.

Live Updates:

The Verge is inside the court room and shares that “Apple lawyer Michael Jacobs is smiling.”

- The Verge also says that the verdict was reached at 2:35 PM.

- Photo of camera crews outside of the court room waiting for reactions.

- Samsung has asked for 30 minutes to review the verdict.

- Review the case:

- Judge Koh is reviewing the verdict forms.

- Verdict may need to be edited by jurors if there are errors (via CNet).

- Samsung and Apple are going to both review the verdict (@reckless)

- Jury is in the court time (@jonfortt)

- Judge is explaining the process to the jurors, foreperson is juror number 1 (@jonfortt)

- First claim: Samsung is guilty on all products.

- Samsung guilty on bounce back.

- Samsung infringes on pinch to zoom on all but three devices.

- Apple’s patent for iPhone’s front surface violated on all but one phone.

- Two Samsung phones violated the back of the iPhone.

- Samsung violated with all phones on the iPhone home screen patent.

- Samsung Galaxy Tab design does NOT INFRINGE the Apple iPad’s design, per the Jury.

- Jury says Apple patents were willfully infringed by Samsung (5 out of 7 places).

- Jury finds that all of Apple’s patents ARE VALID.

- Damages to Apple $1,051,855,000

- iPhone 3G, 3GS, and 4, iPad and iPod touch don’t infringe any Samsung patents.

- AAPL up: 670.90‎ +7.68‎ (1.16%‎)

- Apple has to pay Samsung $0

- Apple has infringed no Samsung products.

- AAPL up: 672.75‎ +9.53‎ (1.44%‎)

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