9to5Mac has once again scoured the App Store for all the latest app launches, price drops, noteworthy news, and updates, and we have compiled everything in a roundup below. Check it out, but keep coming back as we continually refresh the list throughout the day.


1. Minecraft – Pocket Edition | $6.99 Version 0.6.0 of this popular mining-like app launched today, and it includes baby animals. Yes, baby animals. Oh, and signs, armor, fancy clouds, as well as gravity for sand and gravel, improved D-pad, and “lots of new blocks.” It also said the next version will allow both falling sand and the sign model when returning from the homepage to disappear, and new screenshots will be added to the store.

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More Updates

2. Boingo Wi-Finder | Free Boingo Wireless released an updated version of its Wi-Finder app for iOS 6. According to the announcement, the app now “streamlines the connection experience” for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch device users, so it is easier for users to connect to Boingo hotspots. New features specifically include:

  • At-a-glance identification of Boingo networks in the Wi-Fi Settings menu
  • An automatic log-in option for participating Boingo hotspots
  • Automatic notifications that Boingo Wi-Fi is available when the device connects to a Boingo-enabled network

3. Amplitube | $19.99 Version 2.9 of this multi-effect processor app went live today and includes:

  • Loop drummer module plays in sync with the recorder
  • Preroll function added to recorder

4. Stair Dismount Univeral | Free Version 2.7.4 of this bone-cracking game hit the App Store today with the following change:

*** Big City Tour continues in: “Fred Astairs” ***

5. Where’s My Water | 99 cents Version 1.11.0 of this popular Disney title introduces Photo Finish. It records how users beat a Level of the Week, and then provides an awesome picture of the work to share with friends. The app also includes a bonus challenge, where users beat a level and draw something fun. Oh, and for the month of February, Disney added special Levels of the Week inspired by Disney Resort & Spa Aulani.

6. Fab.com | Free Version 4.3 of this hipster-esque marketplace app rolled out last night and includes the following changes:

  • Dramatically improved search, browse, and filtering.
  • Bookmark your faves and purchases with your own Fab profile
  • Dynamic navigation bar that hides while you scroll and browse (iPhone)
  • Minor fixes and improvements

7. Remote | Free Apple’s Remote app went to version 3.0.1 today, and the update includes improvements for search results, rating songs, sorting podcasts, and general stability.

8. Shazam | Free Version 5.5.3 of this music identifier only includes minor bug fixes and improved stability.

9. AroundMe | Free Version 6.1.2 of this find-whats-around-yourself app added integration with Google Maps app, as well as minor bug fixing.

Just Launched

1. American Idol Official | Free American Idol launched an app today, and it boasts special features that will roll out over the current season. Highlights include access to show content and “deep interactive and social experiences, as well as enhanced voting capabilities on their iOS and Android devices.”


1. Dropbox | Free Dropbox showcased two new products today for its cloud storage service. The first provides a quick preview function on the website, such as a pop-up window when previewing a doc, and it should roll out to users, including Drobox’s mobile apps, over “the coming months,” according to The Verge. There is no support for Excel files yet, however. The second takes photos stored in Dropbox and organizes them in a single view on Dropbox’s website. The new setup arranges photos by time and allows sharing to social networks or email. The photo feature launched last month in beta for Drobox’s Android app, but iOS support is coming soon.

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