Following up on its recently launched “Why you’ll love an iPhone” campaign,” Apple has begun a similar strategy for its iPad and iPad mini tablets. Alongside a redesigned iPad website, Apple’s new “Why you’ll love an iPad” page lists some of the awards and reasons for why customers use the iPad and iPad mini.

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Like with the iPhone version of the marketing, Apple touts its J.D. Power and Associates awards for the iPad. The company also shares some statistics about who uses the device:

People love using iPad. We know because they’ve said so. In a study by J.D. Power and Associates, Apple ranked “Highest in Customer Satisfaction Among Tablets.”1 The American Customer Satisfaction Index also ranked Apple first in the category of personal computers, which includes tablets.2And because people love iPad so much, they’re doing more with it — a lot more. Here are just a few examples.

Also similar to the iPhone version of the campaign, Apple touts the industrial design, wireless networking capabilities, battery life performance, App Store usage, iCloud integration, and AppleCare support availability with the iPad.

As with the iPhone campaign, Apple is also sending out emails (thanks Daniel).

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While Apple’s iPhone campaign launched in the days following the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Android phone, it appears that this new iPad ad is not in response to any recent Android tablet releases.

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