Fingerprint-scannerA new job listing on could add fire to the rumors that Apple is considering including fingerprint technology in upcoming devices.

The job posting seeking a software engineer to write “low-level code to configure and control hardware” is the only listing on Apple’s site located at the “Melbourne Design Center” in Melbourne, Florida. Not only is the position looking for someone familiar with testing various sensors with LabTool and FA software, but Melbourne is also the home base of Authentec, the company Apple acquired fingerprint technology from last year for around $365 million. 

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Several analysts are predicting that Apple could include finger print sensors in the next iPhone, although at this point there is not any solid evidence other than the Authentec purchase that Apple is experimenting with the technology. We’re guessing the job listing means Apple is hiring new members to join the Authentec team in Florida.

We learned last year that Apple has its own office in Coral Gables, Florida. This is where Apple chief of Latin America operations works.

Internally at Apple, he is “Latin America General Manager,” but to the greater world he’s “Head of Latin America.”  He will be operating out of Apple’s small Coral Gables Florida office at 1 Alhambra Plaza Suite 700.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo re-affirmed his earlier claims regarding Apple’s 2013 iPhone roadmap recently and claimed that Apple would include a fingerprint sensor beneath the iPhone 5S’s home button.

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