Bloomerg reports that four out of the five highest-rewarded execs in Standard & Poor’s top 500 companies are Apple execs. In all four cases, their base salaries are a relatively modest $805,400, with the balance paid in stock options.

The four Apple employees are Bob Mansfield, Senior VP of Technologies ($85.5m); Bruce Sewell, Apple’s lead lawyer ($69m); Jeffrey Williams, Senior VP of Operations ($68.7m); and Peter Oppenheimer, Chief Financial Officer ($68.6m) …


Apple CEO Tim Cook was officially way down the rankings at #1,016 with a $4.17m package, but this doesn’t quite tell an accurate story: Cook is mainly rewarded in long-term restricted stock which vests over a decade, meaning that his current remuneration is a small part of his likely eventual earnings.

As PED at Fortune points out, these payment packages are based on retention bonuses.

Only one CEO earned more than the four Apple execs: Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, at $96.2m.

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