That auction for coffee with Tim Cook we showed you last month wrapped up today, and it looks like the Apple CEO severely underestimated his value.

Tim Cook and Charitybuzz hoped to raise $50,000 for the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, but the final price for an hour long cup of coffee with Mr. Cook ultimately reached $610,000 just before bids closed today.

The winning bidder currently remains anonymous, and the auction permits two people to attend the meeting with the CEO, but we imagine we may soon learn the identity of the mysterious “a********s” with all the publicity around the auction.

The offer expires one year from today, and the meeting will take place at a time mutually agreed upon by the two parties, which probably rules out June 10th as Tim Cook might have other engagements, but we look forward to hearing more about the now infamous coffee with Tim Cook.

It’s especially nice to see so much money go toward a universally deserving foundation.

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