As online sales for the iPhone 5s begin to go live in Australia, Asia, and now the UK, lines outside of Apple stores around the world are starting to grow in anticipation the September 20th, 8AM retail launch of the iPhone 5s and 5c. Shipping times for the 5c have been slipping since preorders went live last week, but Apple seems to be in even shorter supply of the iPhone 5s as shipping times are starting at 7-10 days in most countries where online orders have already kicked off.

If you’re expecting to queue up to get your hands on an iPhone 5s like the many customers pictured below, you might want to get in line soon. We learned earlier today that retailers, including Apple stores, are getting little to no Gold and white iPhone 5s units, and will mainly have just the new Space Grey model available in store. However, as we’ve seen following launches in other countries today, the 5s in all colors seems to be in shorty supply even for online orders.

The September 20 iPhone 5s and 5c retail launch will take place in the US, Australia, China, Canada, Germany, France, Singapore, UK, and Japan.

Head below for a look at the long lines starting to form outside Apple Stores around the globe:

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Munich, Germany:

Munich Apple Store: Standing in line for iPhones 5c and 5s in Germany

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Fifth Avenue Store, New York:

People queuing for the iPhone 5s at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store in Manhattan

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Shinsaibashi, Japan

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Adelaide, Australia:

Line moving slowly

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Sydney Apple Store:

Opera, Paris:

A lot of people already in line in front of the Apple Store at Opéra in Paris

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Palo Alto, California:

Eaton Center, Toronto, Canada:

Hong Kong:

Line is quite long already. 😂

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